Welcome to the One Inc Cooperative community!

This is a community for πŸ“Citizens of One and πŸ“Friends of Resonance and its purpose is to help our members learn from and meet other community creators and supporters of our projects.

Here's what we expect from everyone in this community:

  • Be kind to everyone. πŸ“We are One. It’s not that we shouldn’t be selfish, it’s that we misperceive the πŸ“self. [...] When the other is not an other, then to be good to an other is to be good to yourSelf.Β 
  • Ask for consent first and frequently. This is a public community and we encourage sharing with πŸ“consent. Whether it's a comment or a photo, ask the poster if it's safe to share before sharing.
  • Make space more than you take it. πŸ“Eco > Ego. Sharing about One will be supported and self-promotion (ego) will be filtered out.Β 
  • Align discussions with One. This is a community about One Inc Cooperative, the stories it incubates, and its Citizens.
  • Want to report a bug, or get help from us directly? Write us an email at citizens@inc.one or text us at +1 (213) 397-2272.

If we notice someone engaging in behavior outside this code of conduct, we reserve the right to remove them from the community.