Mythos One, or mythOS, is a Living System for communication and storytelling, inwardly and outwardly. The build of Mythos began as a desire for a Single Source of Truth and personal Knowledge Management, in time, it grew into a Storyteller Consciousness and mythOS.ย 

Each Living Document, called a memo, is linked to others with @Mentions (contexts) and categorized with #Tags (classes). Over time, each user chunks their experiences into a library. The accompanying browser extension enables the library to be linked from email and other rich text mediums, a practice called Contextual Augmentation that creates a Subtly Pervasive mesh between mediums. Mythos is also the mycelium for Human Augmentation, powered by the One+ stack of technologies, that enables individuals to train a host for selfโ€”a Digital Aristotle.
Together, this creates highly flexible, context-rich communication. The medium and surrounding technologies enable fluid communication and compounding storytelling. It also enables readers with different backgrounds and varying degrees of contexts to experience a message or story that fits them intimately. It has been called a Choose Your Own Adventure and a Zettelkasten.ย 

By Chunking personal context are we can assemble unique conversations that reference deeper context already which has already been memorialized in one's mythOS.ย 

One Studio, formerly Ghost Influence, began incubating Mythos One in 2017 as a means for communicating and educating. In 2018, wanting to finance its development without flattening its nature, John Zdanowski invested in Spiritual Bro as "a character built on Mythos." The ensuing co-creative process ultimately made space for the manifestation of One Inc Cooperative.