Erika Gozar

Music Composer and Builder
Hi! I like writing music and building!

Erika from Gozar Productions

Hi! I'm Erika from Gozar Productions, a humble film company on YouTube where I make original short films, music videos, and the like. I also write original music, especially piano or orchestral instrumentals or pop or broadway songs. You may check out my website here: If you would like to commission a musical composition, message me, and I can send you samples of what I can do.

In the days to come, I simply plan on seeing where life takes me creatively and let those endeavors flow!

/eraville is a little suburban city created by Erika where you can explore different worlds created by the community! This place is still very much under construction, and there are many plots available for you to claim with a link to your own topia! (You'd just need to make sure to link back to Eraville in your topia.) Please do check it out and explore! Contact me if you want to trade topia links!