JoΓ£o Estellita

Global Cooperation Enthusiast
From Brazil for the world, making paths true and creating human value for experience colaborative space

Hi One! I'm another One..

The One, it resonates. My name is JoΓ£o and I am from Lumiar, RJ Brasil, .. I have been living in a spiritual community for 9 years, a very beautiful and special place .. at 22 I left a great career opportunity to live on the mountain .. never I regretted it. I learned how to do ayahuasca with amazing people, and the entire Santo Daime community is a fraternity of great love. I helped to create some agroforestry, bioconstruction ... and I also learned to play the flute.

In 2008, at the age of 17, I used to subtitle documentaries, in 2010 I moderated AnonymousBrazil at the WeAreOne forum, and we had a purpose to raise awareness, gather, and act. In 2011 we occupied public squares and there I experienced strong moments .. we fought against the fiduciary, banking system, with a lot of cohesion and magnetism .. but there were all kinds of people .. teachers, college students, homeless people .. different realities .. the movement was losing strength until one day there was a fight and I saw all the expectation that I had to lose myself, I felt a great emptiness and I cried a lot .. I prayed .. for the divine mother to guide all those people .. the next day my current ex woke me up and asked me to go to the beach, we started dating and 1 month later i was in the forest, with her, when i felt the same emptiness, i cried, and she gave me a pass .. healing pass ... and she saw a reaction, and took me to Flor da Montanha, home of Caboclo TupinambΓ‘, home of Umbanda and Santo Daime ... there I am today ... curing myself in the forest and always learning ... And I love my dog ​​..

So, I have always been easy with the internet, with connecting purposes, to get to know .. For some years now I have been following how crowdfunding has arisen and I am enchanted by the potential of the internet as a tool to generate confidence .. this desire to create projects and connect financing that allows dreams to come true, and more than that, have purpose .. there is a lot of money stopped and there are many beautiful purposes to transform with real impact .. In this time of pandemic I started to meet with a group and we were able to share these insights and since then every day I am experiencing many synchronicities .. and today I found Topia .. a very playful way to experience this collective creation .. I found Sam, who was able to tell my projects and he listened to me with great affection and introduced me to Mythos, and then I met Brian, inc One ... Wooool. that's amazing .. i don't know how to describe it, because i was literally making a wiki, a portal, a purpose integration movement, holomidal organizations, and technological tools .. today i am moderator of E-CCO.Z @ .. this stands for E- eletronic, Bcc - Colletive Communs, Zones, @ Autonomous ...
This was one of the first Pads on the project -

We use the Bitrix platform, Glassfrog .. I will also attach a Miro flowchart .. and there it shows that we intend to create autonomous zones for solutions from the scope of creating cooperatives, and paths that could be for better ... and it has been a construction incredible because every day we are discovering new things and there are many roles in our organization to be energized .. We are trying to integrate all the tools and really move in favor of those who really need it. That is my goal now .. to build a "Diverse World" portal "for collective finances, and conscientious consumption, through mapping and incentives because there is a purpose and not a hierarchy .. turning the financial resource into a tangible resource ..

i will link the invitation for the plataform E-CCO.Z@

you bet I'm connected, let's work

Gratitude for being one more!