Caro Avedano

Creative Director
This changes everything. It was very much needed!!! It gives a lot of possibilities in terms of designing different layouts of the map. Now we will be able to guide the visitors' experiences a little bit more.

I would love if the Topia team could design more paths (there is only a vertical and horizontal one) and that's limiting! 
Hello! I tried to create my own deck for the first time, but when I finished, this happened! I wonder if it's my computer/connection or if it's a bug! Thank you so much! (L)

This is sooooo cool. Thank you so much for doing this!!! It's really inspiring! 

About the GUIDE - it would be so cool to create a chat bot! A character with a story to tell that also answers your basic questions about how to use Topia, how to navigate the world, or about the event that is happening at the moment. We can aso use this chat to educate #topians (#topis?) about the concept of Spacial Media.