Joshua Brandon Pรกnczรฉr

Creator of The Quantum Theater, Author, Energy Healer
Hi! My name is Joshua. I love using an improvisational storytelling technique I created to assist people in moving their awareness deeper inside of themselves. More details on my website. Now scaling up and working on the automated edition.

Hi all, I'm Joshua from True Participation

Hi, my name is Joshua. Today I came across Brian's web presence in the Topia Discord channel and I felt inspired to join the community here.

I'll are a bit about myself...
I create a variety of experiences, both digital and IRL which assist people in cultivating self-awareness. I created a healing modality which I call The Quantum Theater. It is a story-based process to address chronic emotional tensions hidden within one's energy field, deep inside the digestive organs, fascia, all around the body. By unlocking and resolving these stories together, great relaxation and presence is immediately possible.

I am passionate about scalability and now I am working with technology to develop a way for large numbers of people to access this experience, without the financial obligation or intensity of scheduling a private session with a practitioner.

It is exciting for me to connect with others at this intersection of technology and consciousness, because after spending many years in energy work/shamanic healing communities I find the creative nature of high tech wizardry to be a refreshing expression of what we are all cultivating through the consciousness work.

I also have a background as a professional filmmaker, which is a skill set I am still learning to apply to the world I described above.ย 

It feels quite strange to write a self-description, I have been on a sabbatical from my work and communities for the last 6 months or so and my identity has changed significantly since I last shared about myself.

My partner Katie and I met in Indonesia. Since then we have been traveling together, following nudges both in the directions of joyous fun and personal challenge. At the moment, we are in Denmark assisting a very talented friend in launching a metaphysical school, co-facilitating in his online psychic skills course for the next few weeks until we come back to the states for a bit.

Happy to connect and chat if you feel the call <3

Thank you!

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