Angela Faye

FuturVille: Imagining & Building Places Worth Living For
Hello Inc.One crew! I'm an impact coach & promoter who LOVES to empower purpose-driven individual & geographically connected property owners to create 10x impact in rapidly changing times

Introduction: Angela Faye & FuturVille

I am creating a public relations & broker-agency platform to showcase and connect consumers with products, suppliers, service providers, work & investment opportunities in buildings, neighborhoods, destinations that absolutely MUST live, stay or connect with or share! is coming soon. For now you can find us on Facebook -

1. 1 month: secure 3 companies that want to produce and distribute paid-for podcasts; attract 5 new people to Summit. 
2. 3 months: Create broker-agency and PR assets for a company in each of the following categories: 3D printed residential homes; PR agency web platform/dashboard; 3D printed stand-alone commercial building that will serve as an accessible/rentable podcast/meeting room
3. 11 months: develop partnership agreement with 3 provincial/state level economic development organizations to bring programming, legacy podcast building, and new connections for regenerative building solutions to EACH of their member economic-development organizations.
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