Tara de la Garza

Visual Artist
My current sculpture series sequesters plastic into sculptures and lights. Environmental justice and stewardship of the planet are central to my art practice.

new build gallery space

Hi all,

I have built an art gallery space and the opening is Saturday night. Please check in beforehand for feedback or on the night for fun!


Universally Unknown is proud to presentΒ 
Sequestered by Tara de la GarzaΒ 

Saturday March 27th 4pm- 6pm (PST)Β 

please RSVP here

This will be a virtual, simulated gallery experience where you can wander around and easily move in and out of conversations with spatial video.Β 

March 27 - April 27 2021Β  https://topia.io/taradelagarza


In this show de la Garza continues to sequester her and her neighbor’s debris into sculptures and lights. In the attempt to have a zero-waste studio she also experiments with using the waste materials she creates into new works. Environmental justice and stewardship of the planet are central to Tara de la Garza’s art practice. She reveals the stories embedded in our collective consumption, specifically of single use plastic. She delves into the archaeology of contemporary waste materials.

Whilst Tara de la Garza has been enjoying the opportunity to see art all over the world during this time of Covid, she has been missing the social aspects of gallery openings. The chance encounters, waiting awkwardly next to someone to try and speak to them, the people that you potentially need to avoid, smiling till your face hurts, ignoring your favorite people because you know they will forgive you while you try and schmooze. Well, she thinks she has found a good online proxy in the new app Topia. You can populate the space with your artwork and videos and when people visit they can chat to each other when they get close by.Β 
In her gallery universe, she has created a lounge area for those who just come to openings to socialize and drink wine. A back catalogue to see the journey she has been on, a gallerist area including Universally Unknown Gallery Owner Billy Gross where questions will be answered and art will be purchased and a studio section so you can see how the work came to life.