Student, SCU
Founding member of Arkenstone Capital

Hello, I'm Josh!

I found Topia through Twitter just over a month ago and by coincidence I found and conversed with Brian and Will in 776. I was blown away at their passion for technology- so I decided to lurk around Topia, Mythos, and this community in order to be better acquainted with the community values. It's been a blast reading through some of the projects you all are working on.

My partners and I are building tokenized indices for the cryptocurrency market. In short, our project reduces the complexity of the crypto and decentralized finance market into one simple token that provides broadly diversified exposure to the cornerstone platforms of the digital asset world.

You can find us here: (feel free to leave any feedback)!

We chose Arkenstone as a name because, in Tolkein terms, the Arkenstone is the gem at the center of the market and its facets are the tokens that make up the index. The stone takes in the light of all that glinting 'gold', and shines more brightly than any of them can individually.

If you are unfamiliar: "The Dwarves worked the stone into a multifaceted jewel. It shone with its own pale light, but when outer light fell upon the Arkenstone, it "...changed it into ten thousand sparks of white radiance shot with glints of the rainbow"

Within the next month, we're planning to improve our branding and creative strategy to draw more parallels from Vanguard / Boglehead investment principles (as well as creating more Tolkein-inspired graphics for our brand). 

Within the next 3 months, we're working towards creating some amazing new product offerings that are better suited for traditional investors who are 'crypto-comfortable'. 

Our long-term goal is to achieve various partnerships with strategic communities and companies in order to bring more attention to this relatively nascent corner of investing. The ultimate goal is to provide sound, long-only investment strategies that sidestep the complexity while allowing investors to reap the benefits. Our main fund, ADIF is up ~30% since inception (4/1).

I'm excited to start being more involved with the community and attending some Topia events, I look forward to meeting the rest of the community
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