Nahur Fonseca

Spiritism educator
Hi! I have been organizing events for spiritism education for youth for decades. I'd love to try Topia in our next gathering in July.

Hi, my name is Nahur Fonseca

I have been teaching Spiritism for youth since the 90's. Last year we did a gathering on Zoom. But since I learned of I have been thinking that this has opened so many possibilities to blow their minds up!

Short term, I want to invite my friends to walk around a World and see how it works in terms of communicating, moving around, and sharing a video.

Mid  term, I want to create a couple of assets.

No so long term (by Mid June) I want to have a World that mixes current day living situations with some of Jesus' parables scenes.

(Another short term goal is to join a DnD game on Topia. I am a total newbie. Any recommendations?)
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