Bruce Woodruff

CryptoArtist, NFT Maximalist and founder of NFThub.
Hey all~ Primarily, I'm a cryptoartist; full time for around a year, but do some other creative-type things as well, and recently launched a public-goods project I'd been working toward a little at a time for a long while.
 Based anon  NFT's have become my entire focus. My job (as an artist / trader / and now founder) , my hobby, my socialization... I can't even talk to normies at this point because I don't take into consideratoin that my whole dialect has changed over the past couple years, and my "put it in simple terms" is still 70% words/terminology they don't have a clue about lol. If I could code... man, I'd be unstoppable XD
Ayyy y'all are doing NFT's now? Wild lol. But awesome! I actually first found my way here through the topia discord, and had found that.... idk how honestly; but was talking to their team recently about organizing an NFT exhibition for emerging artists

Sure! I'll hop in one monday when I'm able. At the moment; NFThub's team is only one person beside myself, and the NFT industry has grown at a parabolic rate over the past couple months; so its been very chaotic to try and manage/maintain. The knowledgebase and educational sectors aren't really built out just yet, but the plan was to use gitbook; though Mythos might be a much better solution.