Bruce Woodruff

CryptoArtist, NFT Maximalist and founder of NFThub.
Hey all~ Primarily, I'm a cryptoartist; full time for around a year, but do some other creative-type things as well, and recently launched a public-goods project I'd been working toward a little at a time for a long while.

brucethegoose intro post

Hey all~ 
  I'm Bruce, though basically anywhere online I go by BruceTheGoose. I actually stumbled on One via the Topia discord channel, and, being a curious person I decided to take a look; and was really impressed and glad to have come across an existing community that seems very well-aligned with a lot of my existing ideals and goals. Prior to the end of 2019 I was just another faceless drone lost in the shuffle, going from one dead-end job to the next, constantly worrying about how I would get out of a decade-long rut. Around Dec. '19 I was out of work, and without a car; hoping against hope that I could keep myself afloat doing some form of ecommerce; and to make a long story short that led to my discovery of NFTs (blockchain-backed art/collectibles/etc.) and the art community that surrounds it. Since then I've dedicated myself to pursuing my creative passions full time, and to leveraging my acquired knowledge of web desgn / seo / marketing etc. to do my best to support other creators who have the courage to chase a dream.  Currently I'm building, a community resource for anyone involved in the NFT industry; and previously founded thet Nifty Pride Foundation; an initiative to support/promote/encourage LGBTQ+ artists in and out of the blockchain space.
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