Hi, I facilitate meetings and exec education. I'm also co-designing a virtual women's retreat called Goddess Camp on Topia.

Hello, it's Kristin from Goddess Camp

By day (before the pandemic), I was a facilitator, consultant, and executive educator in business strategy, change management, and leadership for innovation (especially using Design Thinking principles).  I also had a side "heart project" co-creating a retreat for women -- Goddess Camp.
I still do those things.
But now that I'm not traveling for work, I have time to focus more on the heart project, and to take it virtual.
I stumbled on Topia, and recognized an opportunity to incorporate it into Goddess Camp.  Then I found this community.  Thanks for welcoming me.  I am looking forward to learning about everyone here and the community itself.
The small thing I'd like to accomplish is building my camp in topia.  I am not sure about the others yet.  Still very much in design mode.