Elyse Petersen

Tea Parties Around the World
I am a tea tech CEO focused on food, community, and abundance. Streamer, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Civil Activist, Manager of Bitcoin (my pup)

Hi, I'm Elyse Petersen from the Tea House

Hello Citizens, I have been lurking in your community for about a year now. I actively contribute to the teahouse with my tea importing technology company (www.tealet.com)  and look forward to engaging more in the community over the coming month.

Immediately, I am asking for help in building out a model utilizing hundreds of hours of transcripts of my Twitch livestreams to profile cultural tone. I look forward to applying this model towards processing restorative culture practices for consensus profiling.

My goal over the next few months is to sail from India to South Africa to Miami to fetch the first flush (Spring teas). There are major supply chain issues for cargo ships that I want to beat in order to bring my business to the next level.  I would like to build up a large network of farm-direct high value agriculture products with a fleet of private sail vessels by the end of the year.

Save the Date: Sunday, October 24, 2021
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