Sam Kaplan

One Ranger and Guide for New Citizens, Co-Creator of One Financial and One Gatherings, major teahead

Wild mushrooms have appeared!

Finally got around to hitting an old fallen oak tree with the chainsaw to get it cleaned up and stacked for firewood and found some awesome looking mushrooms.

Anybody got any ideas of what they might be?
๏ปฟ Chantle Swichkow ๏ปฟ maybe?

New Vendor Process

Have you been communicating with a budget steward about getting paid for your contributions to One?

Need to know how to make that happen?

Check out Our New Vendor Process to learn everything you need to know to get paid quickly.

The Host's Mindset

This week in Monday Night Tea we had a deep discussion about how in Chinese culture people are taught to curtail their language so as not to offend the listener, how that is perceived in the west as limiting free speech, and how our attempts to alter our language to simply be more politically correct or inclusive are missing the mark. I've come to describe this dichotomy as the host's mindset, where we understand that making others comfortable with our language actually allows for deeper more impactful discourse.
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Accelerating Intimacy

Looking for a fun digital date this Valentines day? Join us in for a guided trip down a research backed, accelerated path to intimacy.

Hosted by Kayla McLeod.
Saturday February 14th @ 5:00pm PST
Add it to your calendar here

Quickbooks ProTip: Math in Cells

Did you know you can do calculations when entering values for quantity, rate, and amount fields of a transaction? It doesn't take any special formatting like in a spreadsheet program, just type in your calculations and when you leave the cell it will calculate accordingly.

It can handle all basic math functions (+ - * /) and uses correct order of operations if using parenthesis. Note than when you input one of these signs, you will momentarily receive a notification that the value is out of range, but if as you type the rest of your equation that will go away.

I find this incredibly useful especially when having to plug a number in to make a journal entry balance.

Bonus Tip:
Quickbooks will also automatically calculate the rate if you enter the values for quantity and amount.

Chart of Accounts and Account Numbers

The ๐Ÿ“Chart of Accountsย in an accounting system is the master list of all accounts which you can categorize transactions into. Taking care in the way you set up your chart of accounts can make a huge difference in how your accounting system presents financial reports and can make them easier to read and more informative.

See how One Financial prefers to set up their chart of accounts ๐Ÿ“here.

Bank Reconciliations

Part of any good monthly financial close process is ๐Ÿ“reconciling your bank account. This key process makes sure that your cash balances are always accurate and results in an easily digestible report of all your bank transactions that highlights any that may need extra attention.

Heya, I'm Sam Kaplan

I have recently recreated my environment by leaving Los Angeles and purchasing our first house in the Sierras just outside Yosemite. I look forward to using this transition as a launchpad into developing my skills and craftsmanship to create an interactive art park and retreat center for small groups. I'm passionate about tea and the way that it can build community, and look forward to creating safe spaces for people to grow and play in the physical world.ย 

As a founding Citizen, I co-create on many stories, including One Gatherings, One Financial, and many more. You can often find me holding space inย 

I'm always available with an empathetic ear and happy to answer any questions you might have about the cooperative. Be sure to join me for New Citizens 101 on Wednesday's at 9:00am.ย 
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